You flip on ESPN to watch Fin highlights Sunday Night and catch that chopped up hack job "Blitz" or whatever the heck is now ( I MISS THE OLD NFL PRIMETIME!) and all they talk about AAAALLLLLLLL they talk abbout is The Jets, is Sanchez's Pinky hurt, he has no talent around him, boo- hoo. What about Tebow, blah blah blah. Then they switch over to slobbering all over Tom Brady and the Patriots. Then they discuss, "what's wrong with the Cowboys". That's it....Tired of it!! That's ALL THEY CARE ABOUT!!! I couldn't even FIND Fins highlights after watching for more than an hour! The Media Bias drives me insane!! I'm not even speaking about just the Fins, becaUSE i KNOW SOME OF YOU ARE GOING TO SAY, START WINNING AND WE'LL SEE SOME RESPECT, etc.

But that won't MATTER! How do I know???

Let's look around the league... Can't Find 49er's storylines anywhere, ESPN coould care less about the fact that the Texans DOMINATED the Jets, instead of talking about this talented team they whine about the Boo Hoo Jets. Noone Cares!!

Even the Super Bowl Champ Giants get les coverage than the above mentioned "Big 3" that they love to cover!

We could win three rings in a row, and it wouldn't change ANYTHING!! ESPN would be babbling on for hours about Tony Romo's latest collapse or how many 5 yard passes Brady turned into touchdowns.

Ok I'm done ranting, so I'm turning off ESPN, even though as an out of Town Fins fan (Zero Coverage on local news) I'll stick to online coverage and FINHEAVEN.COM !!

Boycott that hasbeen network ESPN! Turn it off!!