I am very surprised that Omar, and other Dolphin media do not know, or bother to research, cap info before writing about it, especially for next year. They have been writing that Phans should not get excited about having $40-50M in cap space next off season because if we sign our own players, the money will be gone, based on Long getting $10-15M, Smith getting up to $10M a year, etc, etc.

This is simply not true. In most cases, the average of what any player signs for is entirely different than what the cap hit will be in the first or following years. This does not apply to players franchised and one year deals.

For a VG example, let's take a look at the Dansby deal. Many fans are up in arms because He costs the team $13.8M this year in cap space. How the hell is he worth that? He isn't.

However, he did not get that money every year. Big difference if we look closer at the contract, and cap hits, from 2010, when the deal was done. Dansby got an $11.6M signing bonus on his 5 year deal. The cap hit is split up over the term of the contract. So, he costs $2.3M each year, which is added to his yearly salary.

In 2010, his salary was $4.8M. Add that to the $2.3 (pro-rated bonus), and he had a cap number of $7.1M.

In 2011, his salary was $2.7M, a $5M cap hit.

In 2012, his salary is $8.8M, a $13.8 cap hit.

In 2013, his salary will be $6M, an $8.3 cap hit.

In 2014, his salary will be $9M, which he unlikely will ever see. That last year will likely be renegotiated, or he will be cut or traded.

There are MANY other examples I can list. So, don't buy in to what the media is saying, as it is no more than half truths. JMO, based on fact.