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Thread: One thing Tannehill and Dan the Man definitely have in common...

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Gift received at 01-14-2014, 04:21 PM from DisturbedShifty
    Quote Originally Posted by dlockz View Post
    Marino had the best pocket awareness I have ever seen, he made his oline look much better than they were. How many times did most of us see a guy coming from his backside and he just stepped up
    Definitely. I think he's one of the few players that could just awe you without having to have amazing athletic ability. The way he stepped out of easy sacks and fired bullets with the quickest release probably ever for a QB was just amazing.
    Credit: DisturbedShifty
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    Of course Marino was great in the pocket. I just don't see the comparison. I hope to see a little more fire out of Ryan later in the season as he improves. I do wonder if he has that in his personality. He just seems very composed right now. Not a bad thing. Just wondering if it is who he is and if we will see him fired up at some point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCityCat View Post
    I know a lot of Dolphin fans want to find some similarities between the two but they are not even close in comparison. First Dan wasn't mobile at all. Dan really wasn't much of an athlete. Dan was fiercely competitive and wore his emotions on his sleeve. Ryan has a very calm demeanor on the outside. He may have the same competitive fire but you don't see it in his actions. I know he is a rookie. Maybe he will grow into that roll but he doesn't strike me as an emotional player at all. They both have strong arms. I'm not sure if Ryan has as quick of a release as Dan either. I really don't see the comparison. I think Ryan is closer to a Brette Farve imho.
    Blasphemy! Farve was a hack! The rich-man's Tony Romo.

    1. While Dan didn't have anywhere near the footspeed of RT, he was very evasive in the pocket. He was a master of stepping up to buy time. Something which WE HAVE seen a bit from RT already.

    2. To say that Dan was firey and wore his emotions on his sleeve and Ryan isn't and doesn't is ridiculous. He's played 5 pro games, you have NO IDEA what his demeanor will be like once he is an established pro.

    3. I grew up watching Dan Marino and in all honestly, RT reminds me A LOT of Marino. They both have strong accurate arms, very quick releases and good pocket awareness. And lets not forget one of the most important traits of a franchise QB, POISE. Dan had it in spades and after what we've seen, RT clearly does too.

    I see two fairly big differences; the afore mentioned foot speed, which is a plus, and that Tannehill seems to be more of a football bookworm and filmrat than Marino was, I could be wrong about that. In the end, I'm not saying RT is the next Dan Marino, but I'm also not saying he isn't the next Dan Marino either. From what my eyes are telling me, the sky is the limit with this kid.
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