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And this post highlights my problem with this article. Because Ireland has handed out tens of millions to busts. They just didnt list them.

I didnt see a single mention of Gibril Wilson, Jake Grove, Justin Smiley, or others. He gives Ireland all the credit in the world(some undeserved like Philbin hire) but never once mentions his history of second round busts. I find it hilarious that 2 of the 3 pieces Cotes lists as "well we just need...." we already had but gave away. Saying we are just a wideout and corner away is laughable, because we wouldnt have those holes in the first place if Ireland hadnt created them.

If your going to make an article about "defending" Ireland, at least make it fair and acknowledge the failures as well as the successes. Thats all.
Every team has F.A. Failures, every one of them, it's not just Ireland and the Dolphins. Bottom Line, his goods are going to eventually outweigh the bad. Only one other NFL GM's have more active drafted layers on NFL rosters. Stephen Ross is not a billionaire because he doesn't understand numbers, if a GM can make that statement, that's one hell of STATEMENT! Keep living in the past, because one day when you wake up the present will already have passed you and you might just miss the future.