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Actually you would have to include Wake and Bush in there which by my count puts it at closer to 50%. As far as Marshall goes, how can you possibly say that was a failure? That is ridiculous, dude had 1200 yards last year. By my reading, Philbin had more to do with him being gone than Ireland. It is not a FA failure if Ireland gives the coach power to say who he wants on the roster. So by my count that is4 out of 7. You are being a little presumptuous....Ireland has been here for 5 years but you would be kidding yourself if Parcells didn't have the MOST say who they draft. Nobody has ANY idea who made those choices or how much control Ireland had. From the last 3 drafts Miami:
2010: 6 of 8 are contributors on this team including starters Odrick, Misi and Jones(who is looking pretty good)
2011: 4 of 6 are contributors on this team including Pouncy who is looking like a stud,
2012: 7 of 9 are on the team. The biggest and best choice he made in any draft was Tannehill based on early returns.

So by my count, that is 17 of 23 choices that are either key starters, key contributors, or in the case of this year showed enough talent to make the roster.

Is Ireland the best GM in the league? Doubtful! But he is nowhere near as bad as you and others seem to think. Your criticism of someone who is positive about him is as unfounded as it is ridiculous! His drafts have been solid and he did draft our QB of the future which is the MOST important thing he could do! Release your hatred it leads to the dark side!lol

PS- For this years stats that is based on Egnew continuing to fail. IF he turns it on that means Miami had 18 of 23 picks on the team still.
Running out the door so cant pick apart this post, but quickly:

1) Wake and Bush were not handed top teir contracts to play for us. Wake was paid next to nothing, Bush had his rookie contract restructered to have his single year salary split in half to be paid out over 2 seasons.
2) We signed Marshall to a 5 year deal, with his contract being the biggest ever for a wideout. We got 2 years out of it, had no long term success and lost multiple draft picks for it. I think its fair to call something a failure if it doesnt even reach the halfway point, not to mention the draft pick considerations. Thats not a successful trade, thats a rental.

And yes, yes, yes, i forgot, Ireland was on unpaid internship his first few years and twiddled his thumbs. Gotcha. Ireland will be a gold medalist at the Psychological Olympics, because his fanbase has the logic gymnastics down to perfection.