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You are obviously lacking in so called intelligence when I say "going a different direction" I am talking about the coach. Sparano was the coach when they traded for Marshall...I think we can all agree that Philbin has quite a different approach. If Sparano were still coach Marshall would still be here getting his 1200 yds receiving. Your mammoth sized brain should at least be able to figure that out. When I say things change, I mean Marshall came here and had more of the same issues therefore his value would decrease. For example, IF he goes to Chicago and gets in the same trouble and the bears decide to trade him....my guess would be they would get less than they paid. Pretty simple and obvious.
I never said he had "amazingly awesome never done before seasons". Maybe you should try READING a post before responding.
An idiot calling someone else an idiot really loses its effectiveness. Sorry....I will stay grounded in reality. Maybe I should give you the benefit of the doubt after all your status says "drunk" so that starts to make sense. Have another!
Lastly 18 of 23 draft picks still on the team is not a bad percentage. Ireland MUST be the devil!!!! Man maybe Miami should hire you instead! There is a reason you are posting on a dolphin forum...maybe your super intelligence can figure out what it is!lol
Sorry, i cant keep up with all the excuses for the Marshall trade. Im fairly certain a super computer(my super computer mind is focused on tracking all the "Ireland wanted to hire Philbin" lies at the moment) couldnt keep track of all the Ireland apologists excuses for that disaster. I mean, i dont blame the apologists, you guys really needed to dig deep to figure out a way to make that one sound good. Now that youve clarified that its Philbins fault, let me remind you: there isnt a roster move that occurs without passing through Irelands desk. If he wanted to keep Marshall, he could have. Instead, as is his nature, he misevaluated the situation.

And excellent, you made the argument for me. Hilarious. Marshall beats women in Denver= lets trade some second round picks for that player! Marshall beats women in Miami= ugh, seriously where did this come from(?), we have to get rid of this guy. We knew Marshall had off the field problems. By investing multiple draft picks, not to mention a monster contract, in him we knew that we would have to work with him on his issues. If i recall correctly, we did not set up safeguards in his contract to protect this team. So clearly Ireland felt he was over his issues. Guess he misevaluated that to. Well played.

The final part comes in joke form. You declare "i stay grounded in reality!!!!"....then cant even count. This is grade school stuff. At this point, i shouldnt be surprised but i still find myself a bit shocked. Anyways, since Jeff Ireland accepted the General Manager position for the Miami Dolphins we have picked 41 draft picks. Where you got this 23 from is beyond me. Maybe you just counted the bright colors that were distracting you. I dont know, thats just a theory.
I would strongly recommend you stay away from alcoholic beverages. As delusional as you are, we cannot run the risk of further neurological disorders. As small a chance it is for drinking to cause that, its really to big a gamble in your case. You clearly need to cling to the small semblance of reality you have left.