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If this wasnt a sports forum I would actually tear this to pieces.
Haha try your best dude.. everything I just said was true. Not sure how you could even argue it, you don't even live in this country (according to your name). How the **** do you know how minorities are treated or portrayed in the media and other areas of the Cooperate America society we all live in?

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You got it right until the white guilt came out about whites don't deserve. Not true. The way to make up for the oppression is not by segregating but unifying. Can that be accomplished? Probably not as the lines of racial hatred are deep on all sides. But tabbing a month as Black History Month or Spanish Heritage month doesn't help solve the problem.
I completely agree with you, I just worded what I meant wrong. I don't think we need anything like that for any race. I am all for unification, no borders and a Human Race over just Race itself.