I actually wish they didnt pick us. Florio is the biggest douche there is. Taking a shot by saying Miami wins close because Amendola is out. We would have won with him playing anyways - Smith would have shut him down easily.

Rams at Dolphins

MDS’s take: Hardly anyone has noticed it, but the Dolphins’ defense is actually quite good. Miami will put a lot of pressure on Sam Bradford and win a low-scoring game.
MDS’s pick: Dolphins 14, Rams 10.

Florio’s take: Arguably the best game of the weekend, Rams coach Jeff Fisher gets a shot at the team he spurned. With tough defenses and underrated offenses, the Miami offense should be able to do more against the St. Louis defense than vice-versa, given the absence of Danny Amendola.
Florio’s pick: Dolphins 14, Rams 12.