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I'm curious to know why some of the fans here think this will be such a guaranteed win for the Dolphins. I love Sean Smith, I think he's going to be a great CB, but right now he still gives up a few too many TD's. I think the greater concern for the Dolphins is who is playing as the #2 and #3 CB's. The Ram's don't have that #1 receiver so they are forced to spread the ball around (I guess as much as a low-powered offense can). Not really any specific person for Smith to "shut down" on Sunday. I also see a lot about the Dolphin's running game, but Bush has had 36 carries for 114 total, in the last two games. Somehow I don't see the Rams selling out to stop Bush.

Personally, I think the Dolphins will get a TD and a couple field goals and win. Rams will probably score 10. But I do think it will be close, so if someone has some insight on how the Rams will get beaten handily, or some serious match up disadvantage I'm missing, I'd love to know.
We have Tannehill and you don't....nuff said