Absolutely brutal.

"Mark Sanchez is the ex-quarterback of the Jets. He's done. He's finished. He's earned a demotion and an eventual ticket out of town. It is just a question of when."

"If Sanchez was an average quarterback, the Jets would have knocked off the Houston Texans on Monday night in an upset special. "

"Nobody should be surprised. Mark Sanchez can't protect the football. He is totally inaccurate."

"On our SiriusXM NFL Radio show, former NFL MVP Rich Gannon explained, "A quarterback needs to know who he is throwing the ball to." Cumberland needed the ball in the bread basket. Sanchez simply can't deliver."

"And we haven't even gotten to the worst part of the Sanchez act. Mark Sanchez consistently flunks the fifth quarter."

"Klecko brilliantly summed up what he heard: "Sanchez is becoming a good loser.""

"In reality, the Jets don't have a quarterback. John Madden said it perfectly on our "Madden Football" show on SiriusXM NFL Radio when he said, "Maybe it isn't either. Instead, it's neither.""