Why not ? He was a former WR and knows routes. I understand he has been playing well and some people may not want to mess with that, but football is a game of fun, or it should be. Surprising a team with a play or two tends to light a spark for a team in the course of a game (see when Miami introduced the wildcat). Just have Smith line up at WR for 2 or 3 plays to throw a new wrinkle. A 4-wide receiver set of Smith, Bess, Hartline, and Gaffney. Tannehill will surely find an open man against the #3 or #4 CB of the opposing team.

Another thing I would like to see is Lamar Miller and Reggie Bush on the field at the same time, alla Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams on the field at the same time in 08 and 09. I know Lamar has trouble in pass protection but why the hell not motion him for pass plays, move him around., he's got tremendous speed and can catch the ball -- having Bush and Miller on the field at the same time was something I thought Philbin would employ as a wrinkle creating matchup advantages. Have Miller line up in the backfield off-set, then motion him in the slot area (or anywhere), then have him run crossing routes underneath killing linebackers wide open, and too late for safeties to catch up (like we see Hartline running across the field and catching passes just 3 or 4 yards beyond the line of scrimmage while at full speed with room for YAC and some good gains). This is west coast offense 101

I thought Charles Clay would play better this year going into the season, was looking for good things from him. That was a really nice catch at the seam last week, maybe what happened later will light a fire under him. The dolphins, the way Tannehill is maturing, have the weapons to be a good offense if they utilize these players properly imo. I'm also interested to see what Gaffney will bring to the table in multiple wide-out sets.

But I'd love to see Miller and Bush both on the field at the same time for 6 or 7 snaps a game. You can motion them and cause defenses fits with matchup problems in the passing game imo - a linebacker will have to be on one of them. I also wouldn't mind seeing Sean Smith employed as an added wrinkle. Watching Antonio Cromartie, a corner with the size of Smith, getting wide open last week against a good corner (but Sanchez sucks and couldn't hit him), had me thinking Miami can use Smith the same way with his size (he'd be a big target for Tannehill, just for a few plays a week)

Am I crazy for this idea ?