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Thread: Staff predictions: Miami Dolphins vs. St. Louis Rams

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    A 30-10 game or something similar who be pretty money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayden Fox View Post
    Omar proves he is an idiot by saying the Rams D is "soft in the middle". So ****ing stupid. This a rock solid D we are playing. Physical.
    As is ours...and they've lost they're best weapon in the passing game. Our D could have a field day if we constantly pressure Bradford. Jackson can and most likely will be contained by our best-in-the-league run D. This game is going to come down to what we do on offense. If we control the clock with our run game and Tannehill avoids the big mistakes, we should win this game by at least a TD.
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    No Amendola, A gimpy Steven Jackson who I have in my fantasy league, and he just flat out blows,....they should not be able to move the ball on us and score unless we turn it over. But I think they probably will get 3 or 4 long field goals, look for several 55 to 60+ yarders ....we should win this 20-12.
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