Just a link to back up some of the things I have been spouting.

Very interesting reading, especially if you liked "The Sopranos". If it wasn't so truly sad, it would be funny, this is the crap you have to put up with when you live in a corrupt union laden state such as this.

I also have to comment on the home owners association comparison, I feel this is a terrible comparison, it assumes that you have a similiar ability to choose both house and job. We bought a house about 6 years ago, and easily looked at 12-15 of them, in different neighborhoods, we could have continued for months, there were literally thousands that matched our criteria.

It's been a while since i looked for a job (thankfully), but i'm pretty sure MOST people are not fortunate enough to pick between thousands of offers, in this day and age many would be happy with ONE i feel that is a terrible comparison.

By the way, there are many more examples of this, just from my little area of the country, i just have to remember all the numbers of the local unions to give you the data. It is NOT isolated incident, i had to ask my friend what the number was of this union to find it though...have a bad memory.