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Thread: Which WR to start?

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    another MD finfan
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    Sep 2004

    Which WR to start?

    Brian Hartline or Michael Crabtree?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gofins View Post
    Brian Hartline or Michael Crabtree?
    It is a hard decision. I haven't actually started Hartline yet this season, but then again I do have Roddy White, Victor Cruz and Vincent Jackson as my starting three wide receivers. But he has brought an average of 5 points in three of his five games, and 11 points and 31 points in his stand out games. Whereas in my other team I have Crabtree starting, and he hasn't been very productive this season except for last week.

    That being said though, Hartline does have to face the Rams 12th ranked passing defence, whereas Crabtree has to face the Giants 21st ranked passing defence. Then again, the Fins have the 18th best passing offence, compared to the 49ers who rank at 27th. Both the 49ers and Fins like to rush the ball, and tend to restrict the passing game; however, the 49ers did have an excellent passing game last week and that might influence them this week against the Giants.

    I guess it depends on what receivers you have in your team. If this guy is going to be your third receiver, then Hartline so far this year has produced at the very least 5 points, whereas Crabtree has produced less than that in two separate weeks. If it is that type of choice I'd go with Hartline because I think he will get more points this week, because Crabtree has been very hit and miss and I regret to say that he is actually my starting receiver in my other team. But that one I struggle at receiver having the choice of Crabtree, Andre Roberts, Malcolm Floyd, Donnie Avery, Donald Jones, and Kevin Olgtree...

    For me, Hartline.
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    They are both pretty unreliable. If I had to pick I'd say Hartline....Crabtree can vanish for weeks and then hit big....he is getting better though

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    Every time I play Hartline he fails....I wish that he had a better defined offensive role rather than being the guy they throw to when nothing else is working.
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