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Wes welker is most likely not coming back. I met him in a Irish pub a few years back in NYC. Actually a gambling pub during the derby. I was the only one who noticed him, went up to him and told him how much he was missed. He said the dolphin organization was a joke compared to new England and was happy to be out of there. He seemed like a bit of a dummy to be honest but seemed pretty certain about Miami. Anyway just sharing
Well, this "joke" of a franchise is the only reason he even has a career. Sorry, but teams weren't exactly lining up for his services when San Diego cut him and we picked the UDFA up. I certainly don't remember hearing about New England bringing him in for a workout. I'm not saying he didn't earn his recognition when he played with us, because he played very hard and kept us in some games when no one else would make a play. But without Miami taking a chance on him he has no football career to speak of. I don't hate him for becoming a Patriot, but I definitely hate him for the crap he said once his foot was out the door. F**king ingrate.