I cant find the clip. Anyone have it or did anyone see it?

Anyhoo, Will Cain was on the show last week and he gave almost the identical argument I posed to you tree hugging hippies. It was great. I forget the guys name that Maher had on who was supposedly some leading environmentalist.

Cain completely destroyed him. It was great how he didnt dodge the science behind the environmentalists movement. The guy threw a couple of jabs Cain's way which of course had the socialists in the crowd applauding, but Cain still crushed him with logic. My favorite line was "You dont need to put a touiquet around your neck when you get a nosebleed." Couldnt have said it better. He also destroyed the environmentalist with "Unlike you I have humility and can admit that we dont know whats going to happen in 100 years."

Heres a little clip from the show, the only one I could find. It deals with affirmative action. The environmentalist comes on shortly afterwards.