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Thread: Anyone else see Will Cain destroy that environmentalist on Real Time?

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    They looked like strong hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WVDolphan View Post

    Yup, that there is an environmental scientist...

    If I could take your pain and frame it, and hang it on my wall,
    maybe you would never have to hurt again...

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    You can be belligerent all you want, it doesn't change the fact that you're a liar. Everyone sees through your shtick. You think you're being clever with your "hurr hurr you dun no wut a siense jurnal is" routine, but no one is paying attention to it. You take outrageous positions, you never provide proof, and then you lie to try and make yourself seem like a better source of information. No one is fooled. Go and click on the Anything Goes thread up on top of the forum, get a good look of what everyone actually thinks of you. I seriously cannot believe someone who claims to be as devout a Christian as you lies so freely and effortlessly. Jesus would be ashamed...

    You’re just mad because I embarrassed you again, you acted as if I was ignorant because I didn’t know how to date the Earth but then the dating methods you provided had nothing to do with dating the Earth. You’re small time, just admit it.


    Are you suggesting you in fact can date the Earth with tree rings and carbon dating? I sure hope not, I’ll lose a little bit of respect for you if that’s the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Locke View Post

    Yup, that there is an environmental scientist...
    Yup, I know that you can't date the earth with tree rings and CARBON dating, shame on me for knowing a thing or two about my field. :-P
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