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Thread: Miller Time?

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    Too much is made of Miller's pass protection, or lack thereof. It's overblown. You can find plenty of opportunities to have Miller in there despite this.

    I think people forget Miami runs a WCO. Backs like him can easily be hidden. Do you think Miller is the first speed back who had problems pass blocking early in his career ?? PLEASE. If you're passing, motion him or have him run pass routes out of the backfield. We have other guys like Lane who we can keep in there to block. Or run the ball like Miller's totally capable of doing. Against the Jets and Raiders , when Miller saw action, there was no difference between he and Reggie Bush at the 2nd level. Thomas didn't look near as good against the same defensive fronts and at the same time

    Miller clearly has talent and playmaking ability.. Miller's acceleration was absolutely breathtaking a few times...something this offense needs. I do my best to have both Miller and Bush on the field at the same time (for about 7 or 8 plays) in the passing game. both have great speed and at least one of them will create a mismatch on a LB. Both on the field at the same time would cause defenses some problems and mismatch opportunities for the offense. If defenses overload on both miller and bush, then fine, that will leave other guys open

    the point is having miller and bush in there for about 8-12 snaps per game would increase the overall productivity of the offense. Bush and Miller are too talented for that not to happen if a coach knows how to utilize them properly. The amount of misdirection play possibilities would be tremendous alone. You can do a hell of a lot of things with both out there on the field.
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