Also, for the record, I liked the idea of Fisher, but never thought the deal was going to get done. I loved the idea, but in the end never thought it would get done. I simply thought...and still do.. think he is quality coach. Nothing less...nothing more.

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Because before he hired Joe Philbin, Ross put everything he had into getting Fisher. So before you **** on me about Jeff Fisher the actual people running the Miami Dolphins thought the same thing I did.

Here is what I think...if Jeff Fisher was hired as our HC our current record would be better. He would have kept (for better or worse) Davis and Marshall. He would have gone the veteran route at QB like he did with Kerry Collins. In the draft, I could have seen him go with a pass rusher opposite of Wake.

HOWEVER, whether it was by design or pure luck there is no doubt in my mind that the selection of Joe Philbin will make a better future for the Fins than if Fisher would have been the guy. Because of the Tannehill pick, we finally have a HC and QB that are tied. Joe also has a steady hand at the wheel. He knows what he wants in a player and is setting a foundation that can endure over time. Also, between Philbin and Sherman, the Fins have 21 century offense.

Was Joe Philbin my first pick as HC? No. However, I think overall he has done a very good job five weeks into his job.
Let me also re-set this from today...