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Thread: RG3 Notes The Rams "Dirty" Play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayden Fox View Post
    Please go to my week six assessment and I will tell you what I think of Fisher's clock management. Awful.
    Posted this before you did that. Props for noting that in your assessment.
    "Fundamentals, technique, execution -- primary. Scheme -- secondary."

    "We will incorporate an aggressive, up-tempo, attacking style in all three phases of the game."

    "Our team will play with discipline, poise, and maximum effort."

    "I want us to be the best tackling team in the NFL, the best team in pursuit, I want to take the ball away from other teams, I want to rattle the opposing quarterback every opportunity we get."

    -- Joe Philbin 01/12

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    At the end of the day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiZFiT View Post
    Posted this before you did that. Props for noting that in your assessment.
    No problem. I could not believe the Rams made that decision.
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    The truth is out there.

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    I'm still laughing at that. Why wouldn't you at least throw a Hail Mary in that situation? 66 yard field goal? Mein Gott.

    I just kept thinking "Don't let Joe call a time out... don't let Joe call a timeout... remember the Saints game..."
    God bless, I'll hang up and listen.
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