If a real #1 WR who is a playmaker doesn't convince you that this is our #1 need, after witnessing the game today, then nothing will convince you.

With some real playmakers in the passing game the dolphins win this game easily, against the worst road team in the NFL over the past several years... instead of coming an inch from losing and getting killed in total yardage and playmaking plays

Good luck with this WR & TE corps going up against real playoff defenses like Baltimore (see 2008 playoff game when miami got annihilated & embarrased with Ricky, Ronnie, Fasano, Bess, Martin, and Ginn).. or Houston (a team miami's offense only scored 3 pts on THIS SEASON) , or trying to keep up with the Patriots scoring ability in a playoff game

the dolphins would get annihilated and embarrassed in any playoff atmosphere against said teams when the intensity & gameplanning is turned up 2 notches. . Miami desperately needs some real playmakers at the TE and WR positions now that we have a QB.