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Funny your dumbass got to go back ten years to make a point about today. LMAO. This has no significant importance on my Dolphins today. You're on a message board feeling good about yourself because you can quote about something I said 10 years ago, mean while the Dolphins are tied for first place with no playmakers. So, I just made you idiots looks so bad, so you changeD the subject. AND YOU GOT got the one of the moderators in your pocket. Must be nice.

And this is the cognitive dissonance that cracks me the **** up. You are on here whining and moaning on the same board that your trying to insult other people for posting on. Your in the finheaven closet. How bad do you feel about yourself when you cant control those "urges"?

And of course you saw playmakers all day, the players you watched had Miami Dolphins jerseys on. You probably shot your load when they ran out of the tunnel. Look at how they playmaker'ed it up running out for the coin toss! Tear out the grass they ran on, because its become a priceless relic to you. Of course, that means we'd see you on here after a home loss, sobbing over how the dirt caused the interceptions and its inconceivable that any of the players on this team would struggle because they were picked by Ireland, the greatest general manager in the history of humanity. Or more accurately, the greatest general manager since Saban, who was a genius after all.

Hilariously, you still dont get it. Some of us actually want this team to improve. We sit here and say "yeah, you know, 3-3 is good, but id rather be 5-1". You sit here and lose your **** because were playing .500 ball. You start jacking off to average results. You dont want us to improve because, in your mind, we already are the best ****ing team ever made. Much like ALL the other times youve said the exact same thing while trying to scream and whine at other people. For someone who calls out other posters for "crying" or "being a bitch" you sure do flood the area with tears. It took you 3 posts to respond to 2 of mine and you went running onto the main forum to cry foul:

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Lol to people who still think we suck because of what happened last year, the year before, or 10,20,30 years ago. We got a bunch of those on this site. This is the only place, where your excitement for your team, can get thrown back in your face 10 years later...
What a *****. Go back to talking about how mother****ers like me die and making up convoluted stats that everyone can see is homeristic bull**** that you are trying to convince yourself means something.

And at your last post where, again, the cognitive dissonance returns! You know, because your such a hardass who totally isnt acting like a hardass on a message board. If cognitive dissonance is to "strange" a term for you, hypocite is probably a word thats been thrown in your face enough to be recognized.

edit: Whoops! Not 3 posts respond or "last post", because you screamed and cried some more before i could respond. What a bitch It really heats you up that your old promises sucked so bad that people are laughing in your face about it. Follow R&R's advice and dont start threads.