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Thread: AFC East knotted up at 3-3!?!?!

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    [QUOTE=Ilovemyfins4eva;1064461547]the cincy game we played better than the bengals, if anything that game should have been a wider margin of victory, if not for walt ****ing colman over turning 2 horrendous calls. we outplayed cincy.

    as for the rams, we deff didnt play as well as i thought but we did win in the end, and again 2 horrendous calls that should have given us the ball on fumbles that somehow didnt. who knows what the score would have been.

    i do know we will beat the jets in 2 weeks. i am pretty confident in that.[/QUOTE]

    Keep this in mind ... the Jets left about 22 easy points on the field last game:

    Stephen Hill drops a TD pass late in the 2nd Q and we settle for 3 (4 points).
    Sanchez misses a WIDE OPEN cumberland standing in the end zone from inside the 5 yard line. Yes, he was under duress ... but there was nobody within 10 yards of the guy. We settle for 3 again (4 points).
    There was another play (early 4th Q) ... Hill has his guy beat by 5 yards, streaking down the sideline ... Sanchez throws a perfect bomb, but Hill blows out his Hammy and can't get under the ball. He limps off the field and he's out for the rest of the game. Would have been an easy TD if his leg doesn't explode (7 points).
    Midway through the 4th Q, Shillens has his man beat by plenty, and Sanchez barely overthrows him (another easy 7 down the drain).

    That's 22 points left on the field that had nothing to do with the Dolphins making plays.

    You guys complain about missing two field goals (both 48 yarders) but we easily could have won that game by 2 TD's.
    You're not beating us at home in two weeks. If we don't beat ourselves we'll win that game comfortably. I am pretty confident in that.

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