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Thread: The 2012 Miami Dolphins is an embodiment of a "team"

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    The 2012 Miami Dolphins is an embodiment of a "team"

    Yeah we dont have 100M dollar defensive end Mario Williams. OR perenial pro bowl Qb Tom Brady, or any other of the pro bowl players the Pats have. Im trying to put an example with the Jets to support this, but they just all around really suck. But this is a team. The Miami Dolphins are a well coached team, that no player has a "me" attitude. That is why we traded Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis. They might have all the talent in the world, but if they work against the team, that talent doesnt matter. This is what Ireland wanted all along. Tony Sparano tried to make a "team" like this. But he was an inferior coach, and did not foster an environment for growth and discipline for game day. Joe Philbin is at the helm, and man, I havent been more excited to be a Miami Dolphin!
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    Re: The 2012 Miami Dolphins is an embodiment of a "team"

    Excellent post.
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