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Thread: See Ya Fisher!

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    At the end of the day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fins1971 View Post
    The 5 yard delay penalty sure iced him. LOL
    You are right about that. I do hope the Rams beat the Jets this week. I at least have the misery of Jets to look fwd. to.
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    Forget about overtime, the only reason the Rams were in overtime in the first place was because Jeff Fisher doesn't know what he's doing.

    Near the end of regulation, Amendola converted a 1st down down to the Niners 2 yd line with around 1:14 remaining. Time was ticking, the Rams had all 3 timeouts, and first and goal from the 2 trailing by 4 points.

    What does Fisher do? Run to the official to call a timeout. WHY?

    You've got the ball, total momentum, and 4 plays in which to score the game winning TD. Time is not at all your enemy .... unless you make it your enemy by leaving too much time for your opponent to go back down the field to kick a game tying FG.

    Why would you do them a favor and save them time and a timeout?

    The Rams could have run at least another 30 seconds off the clock before running their next play, which still would have left them PLENTY of time, especially with 3 TO's of their own, to score in the next 3 plays had they not scored on 1st down (which they did).

    Worse case, the Niners would have realized what they were doing and called a TO of their own leaving them with only 1 remaining instead of 2.

    The Rams scored their TD with 1:09 remaining when they could have scored it with barely over :40 remaining. As it turned out, the Niners got into realistic FG range with under :30 to go.

    If not for Fishers decision to call a TO when he had no business doing so, the Niners wouldn't have had enough time to get into FG range.

    Ironically, Fisher calls a timeout in regulation when he shouldn't have yet didn't do the same in OT when he should have in order to prevent the penalty. Both decisions cost his team the game.
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    Yep remember that blunder in regulation also.
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