Hello, everyone!!

I have been a Dolphins fans since I was born. My family is from Miami but moved out to California with the Clampets before I was born. I was conceived in Miami if that makes you feel any better. I have been rooting for the Dolphins out in California my entire life, which had its drawbacks but at least I am not a fair weather fan like those 9er fans. During the Super Bowl in the 80's I was wearing my beat up Dolphins gear while the 9er fans all had bright red gear on, because they just started supporting the team once they started winning, finally.

Anyway, I am looking for a new Dolphins forum to call my home. My previous home, in my opinion, has become a communist nation. The dictator/web-owner posts rules on the forum that his friends do not have to follow. There were normal rules on this forum that were posted by the site owner. There was to be NO name calling and/or personal attacks, and if someone did call you a name you were to report it and not respond. However, if you did report a personal attack and if it was done by a friend of his, he would just laugh about it and tell you to just let it go. And, if a person wasn't a friend of his and called someone a name they got banned. There is a double standard on that forum and two sets of rules, one for his buddies and one for the people he hasn't known as long. In my opinion there should be no name calling of any kind on these forums and people SHOULD be respected at all times. It doesn't matter if your opinions differ, there is absolutely no need for name calling, ever! If this owner would have been able to follow and/or enforce his own rules, his forum might have the ability to succeed. I highly doubt that will happen.

I hope this is a respectful forum and that I have found a mature place to discuss my favorite team with people who also love the Miami Dolphins.