While nodding in and out of the 2nd Presidential Debate last night in order to bring our fans their much-expected tweets, it occurred to me that, in addition to the secret debate agreement made regarding how the debate would be conducted, there must be some sort of even more secret list of banned phrases. As far as I can tell, not only were some of the most important topics relating to the office of the Presidency completely ignored, but there were some key phrases that weren’t even allowed to be uttered.
A brief scan through the full transcript shows that I was dead on. Without further ado, the 7 phrases you haven’t and won’t hear in the U.S. Presidential Debates:


When the President of The United States is sworn into office, he puts his hand on The Constitution and swears an oath to the best of his ability to ”preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” It’s literally right there in his job description. So shouldn’t it maybe get at least a superficial mention? This would be like the Boston Red Sox interviewing for a new manager and never mentioning “baseball.” Though that may actually be how their interview with Bobby Valentine went last year.


Speaking of the Constitution, we’ve discussed the implications of the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act , or commonly referred to as NDAA, over and over and over again on this here site. Maybe we’re just nitpicky, but any law that allows the government to detain anyone without due process, without trial, without a lawyer and without charge just gives us the willies. Not to mention that it blatantly violates the 5th Amendment of the that pesky old U.S. Constitution.
Maybe there’s not a whole lot of debate to be had on the subject. After all, Obama signed the bill into law after requesting the indefinite detention provisions himself . Meanwhile, Mitt Romney has openly admitted that he too would sign the bill into law. Both Green Party Candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson oppose the NDAA…but of course they aren’t allowed in these debates.