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Well I am glad to see that last three posters have bought into the narrative of Romney as the "evil rich man" with evil "rich man friends".

The man is successful in business, and knows how to balance the books. He's taken situations that have looked bleak, and turned it around on numerous occasions (winter Olympics/ Mass.). He's reached across the aisle to get things done, and his track record speaks for itself. You may nitpick as to the details, but Romney is results orientated, and he follows through with action and conviction.

I don't know how many times Romney has to explain his plan, and some of you people still don't get it. He's not raising taxes on anyone, but he's simply getting rid of the massive amount of exemptions that corporations have been entitled to over the years. In other words, he's leveling the playing field so politicians can't continue their crony capitalism and create sweetheart deals through their legislation.

A lot of that money, in turn, goes back to supporting the corrupt politicians that got the sweetheart deal in the first place (see lobbyists). Everyone is going to have to abide by the same rules, and contribute to the economy and not influencing government.

By the way I hear that that top 20% of earners pay roughly 92% of all taxes. I think the wealthy in this country contribute a lot more than you give them credit for, and if the rest of the country could get back to work they too can start contributing more as well. We need to get people off of social welfare programs, and start relying on their own work ethic. More people work means more people paying taxes, which get this country going in the right direction again.
All I said was that Romney stated he would not lower taxes for the rich, yet he will eliminate the tax on interest, dividends, and capital gains. If you think the elimination of tax on interest and dividends benefits the local teacher, cop, or any other middle class citizen then you are sadly mistaken. I'm not calling the evil rich. I'm just pointing out that he basically contradicted himself in the span of 10 seconds in the debate.

As for the 20% of earners paying 92% of taxes....I find this hard to believe, but even if it was true, you forgot to include what percentage of income the top 20% makes.