I think you have to accept Chalmers for what he is. Maybe one day he'll stop smoking and morph into Billups but I don't see that day coming anytime soon. In any case I don't see either Chalmers or Cole being all that critical to the Heat's playoff success. I think both will be pushed aside rather quickly if they're not playing well and Spoelstra will go with Allen.

The frontcourt will resolve itself over time. I feel bad for Haslem but he just doesn't look very good......hes headed to the bench and when he gets there hes going to fall way down depth chart. I get the feeling they're going back to Battier as the starting 4, with Anderson and Anthony there when the team wants some size.

Allen is the only one that still worries me. More than anyone outside the big three Spoelstra seems committed to him, and hes been a complete defensive liability all season long. It works when hes the reserve guard and they can bring in Joel to back him up, but this finishing lineup with Bosh, James, Wade, Allen, and whoever is an invitation for people walk to the rim unmolested.