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gotta love it, one game they give them their worst playoff loss in franchise history, and in another game they hold them their lowest playoff points in franchise history, LMAO AT THE BULLS
Here's some stats:

Miami has given the Bulls four marks of playoff futility in one series - worst playoff loss (36 points, game 2), lowest scoring quarter in any postseason game (9 points in the 3rd quarter, game 4), lowest shooting percentage in any postseason game (25.7%, game 4), lowest total points in any postseason game (65 points, game 4)

Also, in game 4, 20 of Chicago's 65 points were from the free throw line.

But they won game 1 so we suck, right guys? lol

There's also a rift in the locker room now with Richard Hamilton publicly displeased about his current role with the team.