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Thread: Welcome to Iraq...

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    Welcome to Iraq...

    we're hearing about captured and possibly killed American POWs... What did we expect???

    didn't we all think this could happen???

    we have to realize how hated we are by some of those we are fighting, and accept the fact that there will be deaths and they will use these captured soldiers for everything it's worth... they will be exploited... sad but true...

    hopefully, but I doubt, we will be able to find and prosecute those who deny our soldiers the rights they are entightled to under the Geneva Convention... if they use chemical and biological weapons against their own people, how can we expect them to respect what they perceive to be an aggressor???

    that said, God Bless our troops...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RT-fan View Post
    Iraq ROCK !
    Signed up today and already bumping posts from 9 years ago. Not the best start.

    Terrorist attack count against the Anything Goes Thread: 4
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