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Thread: Werner DE in 1st Round

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    Werner DE in 1st Round

    Yes I know we need to get WR help, but hear me out.

    This is a passing league and if you can get to the QB you are in a winning position. We clearly need help at CB but it starts up front. Wake is not getting any younger and I do think that from next year onwards, we should be incorporating a rotational approach at the DE Spot, just like we are at DT... So, in my view, Bjorn Werner should be our target... the kid is a freak... technique, speed, setting the edge, running the arc, hustle... and great smarts. So our DL would look like

    DE - Wake, Werner,Vernon, Shelby
    DT - Soliai, Starks, Odrick, McDaniel

    I think this DL could be unstoppable.

    Now - considering we also need primary help at WR/CB/TE and secondary help at OG/LB/S I think this is the year we can do it and I'd go with the following

    1st - DE - Werner
    2nd - WR
    2nd - CB
    3rd - WR
    3rd - OG
    4th - TE - No. 11 - Toilolo from Standford - if not available, I'd go, bizarrely No 11 from Standford - LB - S. Skov

    Haven't seen enough yet to say who I'd select 2nd and 3rd rounds.

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