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I don't like any of the round one WRs that much. Certainly not in terms of them being elite level. Hunter is intriguing but I don't like the drops. I think his timing of the catch is a little off and that would scare me. Woods is good, not great at everything and I think the injury is still hampering him. I have my doubts about Allen also and his temperament concerns me - esp his attitude on-field.

Kenny Stills in the second, Stedman Bailey and Markus Wheaton in the third are the interesting WRs for me.

I think Chase Thomas is elite. I think Mingo could be, but a bit like Star Lotuleilei (sp?) the hype and potential overshadows the actual production. Werner doesn't wow me but he's a classic Jeff Ireland "low chance of failure" pick who can be productive for many years. Dion Jordan and James Gayle look good value picks.

Eifert is far and away the best TE in the class. He's a no-brainer.

At Safety, I know Eric Reid gives up plays with his head-hunting attitude and he needs to curb his more aggressive instincts, but I rate him higher than Jefferson, McDonald, or Vaccaro of Texas. He has the instincts of another well-known Eric at safety, who was more polished coming out a couple of years back. He's only a junior and he lost a lot of supporting cast to the NFL last offseason. But he's an elite prospect, imo.

Elam is the other guy I like, but he's a little small and not enough of a ballhawk to be a Coyle player, imo.

At CB, Milliner is rock solid but maybe not elite potential. The CB with the highest ceiling imo is Johnthan Banks. I think he's maybe the most under-rated player in the draft. I'm probably cursing him for the remainder of the season now.

I would really love Ted Slimm to give me his take on Banks after the Alabama game, as I won't get to watch it. Slimm, would you oblige????

I was at the game and Banks was beaten twice for TD's. Kenny Bell just flat out smoked him in man coverage from a Twins-Flex formation first, then Michael Williams beat him in a redzone situation where Banks looked like he was expecting some help from the linebacker who fell asleep on the play. Either way, it was a tough game for Banks.

He's really a solid kid off the field. Turned down NFL money last year to come back and earn his degree to set an example for his son.

All cornerbacks have a rough outing somewhere along the way and this was it for Banks.

In terms of the Senior class of corners, I think D.J. Hayden is probably the "most" underrated.