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Thread: If I had to pick an impact playmaker for Tannethrill it would be....

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    Quote Originally Posted by finfan54 View Post
    Well, if Atlanta is a final destination for him. Why not us?
    Well because Atlanta already has two boundary WRs, a slot WR, a pass rushing DE, two DTs that provide a good pass rush, a pass rushing do everything LB, two good CB, better safeties then we have and more depth everywhere than we have.

    In other words, Atlanta is a much more complete team than we are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY8123 View Post
    So while we are on the topic of playmakers a question was presented in the VIP forum:

    Which receivers coming out this year will best fit the offensive system in Miami? Not necessarily who are the top receivers but who would make the easiest and contribute the quickest in Miami? Let's expand to include TE's as well.
    I like Conner Vernon, but not in the first two rounds unless he surprises at the combine. Described as such, "Vernon lacks elite size (6-1, 200) and speed (estimated 4.53) for the position, but he knows how to get open and is a quarterback's best friend with his reliable hands. He runs sharp, precise routes with very good footwork to create a little separation and snatch the catch away from his frame." Sounds to me like he fits the WCO and what our staff wants to a tee. I was meaning to come on here the other day after Duke beat UNC and ask the gurus what they thought of him.
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