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The Hernandez play was close, but they incorrectly ruled it a fumble. It also seemed like the play was not going to be reviewed. BB threw the flag which should have been a penalty according to the new rules. I just think it is silly to whine about that when the officials made the wrong call and seemed like they were not going to review it. All turnovers are supposed to be reviewed automatically, unless it is very clear (which is left up to the desecration of the officials). If I didn't think they were going to review it, I would have thrown the challenge flag as well. His forearm was down, and it was not a fumble. If the officials got that call right in the first place, or reviewed it sooner, there would have been no need for BB to throw the challenge flag. It really is a stupid rule and should be done away with.

The clock starts when the player touches the ball. It should stop when the player recovered the ball and was down by contact. Get a stop watch out and try it yourself.

There were times when the Jets did things that were not called and were called on NE. Hill pushed off on one play with no call, but Lloyd got called for doing less later in the game. Just becasue the Hill push off was not called does not mean that the Lloyd push off should not have been called. Wilson interfered, and it should have been called. It doesn't matter to me if the flag is late or if it came from the guy further away from the play, as long as the right call is made.

The Jets screwed themselves, not the officials.
we've been screwed many tims, the title game 2 years ago if they call that incomplete on the field it wouldn't have been overturned- it was that close. This play was extremly close yesterday and I'm still not sure he was down. His hand touched down but that doesn't matter, it was really close and by the rules BB should have gotten a penalty.

check the clip below, they don't start the clock until he is around the 10 after catching it in the EZ then it stops immediately when we jump on it - when does that ever happen?


Hill barely touched the DB, lloyd threw our guy out of the way. The Wilson play was close, could have gone either way. The man that could see it didn't throw his flag but a man 30 yds away saw it. right.

AGAIN, we still should have won but we did get screwed.