i really dont understand how ****ing bad he could be.

u r on the one team in the nfl where u actually have a realistic shot to look like a decent qb due to the guy u r being compared to in blane gabbert, yet u still somehow find a way to make gabbert look like a decent starting qb. wow

up by 2 tds against a putrid raider team and cant find 1 good drive to put the game away. what a joke.

also as i was watching parts of this game today, i noticed that they do not target justin blackmon at all. wtf then would u take him so high if u r not going to try and get him involved? its not like u have so much great depth at the wr position.

if we cant beat this jaguars team by at least 20 points itd be a failure. there is nothing good about this team. everything sucks on that team, with the exception of jones drew.