The Jests got hosed in NE. How obvious do the league and the officials have to make it that they want NE to win games.

1) I noticed this LIVE right away. I was on a board consisting of a good deal of Jests fans and for some reason they didnt even acknowledge it. Even after I posted about it several minutes later it was as if they didnt care. I dont get it.....

On that fumbled KO, the clock magically stops at 2:01...... well before the clock should have stopped. In fact I didnt hear a whistle until that thing shouldve been at least at 1:58. The clock operator stopped that thing before you could even tell the Jests gained control of the fumble, but definately before the whistle.

It didnt save much time as NE had 3 TOs, but it certainly saved NE a TO thats for sure. Turns out that was HUGE. Well it was HUGE even before we knew how it would come into play because NE obviously wouldve had to burn them all on the other side of that warning and the Jests make a FG to go ahead by 3.

Now, the game obviously wouldve played out differently so you cant just go with what happened and say the Pats wouldve ran out of time on their drive. Hell, the Pats may have scored a TD to win the game in regulation. But, the point is they wouldve had to burn all of those TOs as opposed to saving an extra one thanks to their clock operator keeping it on the plus side of the 2 minute warning for them.

I will also say this is poor coaching on the part of Rex, as he shouldve pointed out this error to the officials. Having said that, we all know that if he did throw a fit over it, the officials wouldve likely screwed them anyway.

2) That late flag on the PI call was complete bull****. The official standing right beside the play didnt even throw it either. That thing came in from way out. And you know that if that had been Brady with that game ending fumble they wouldve invented a rule to say it was not a fumble. The Jests got hosed. Straight up.

Having said all of that.... **** THE JESTS!