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we hopped on it at 2:01(or just as it turned 2:01), there's no way the clock should stop at 2:01. It's not possible, watch any game and watch how the clock continues to tick after players go down or OOB. It doesn't happen except that day.
He already had the ball and was in the process of rolling over at the end of 2:02. Look at the clock:


That leaves more than a second to determine possession and stop the clock. He clearly has possession a half second later here:


You already denied that the picture above was when the clock should read 2:01, so I included the tenths so you could see that it was indeed within the 2:01 time frame. There is still 4-tenths left to stop the clock which is plenty for any kind of reaction time.

You keep saying there is no way the clock should stop, but you are ignoring the rules and the facts. The clock is supposed to stop when the player has possession and is down by contact. He was clearly down by contact and the clock should stop at 2:00.5 (2:01 on the NFL clock) I am certain that is when the ref was signaling the play dead and I am sure the NFL saw that when they looked into the play. We can even see the ref doing so on the T.V within 2-tenths of the clock reading 2:01. Just because you have seen an extra second or two run off the clock when it should not, does not mean that your team got screwed when the clock stops when it is supposed to.