Living in NY been listening to WFAN all day, fans are finally calling talking "Sparanoball" and how conservative and predictable he is and playing for FG with a run, run quick slant pass offense, also taking out Sanchez when in a rhythm to run the wild-tebow-cat, also going into the game with a gameplan and being stubborn and not deviating or making any adjustments at all.... all sounds so familiar...

"Sanchez was throwing well and they should've taken at least one shot from the Patriots' 18, where they recovered a fumble on a kickoff. The Patriots capitalized, sending it to OT with a 43-yard field goal."

"Brutal call: The play that will be second-guessed was a third-and-2 pass from the Patriots' 3 in the third quarter. This was an ideal situation for Tim Tebow, who converted in a similar situation last week. Not only did they not use Tebow, but the Jets made a terrible call -- a quick slant to WR Chaz Schilens. The slant has become such a predictable call for the Jets. Down three points, they should've run the ball with Tebow or Shonn Greene. They settled for a chip-shot field goal, but you need more than chip-shot field goals to beat the Patriots."

"But then they played not to lose, something you just canít do in the NFL if youíre serious about exceeding expectations, or, you know, winning games.Just before the 2 minute warning and just after Hillís critical drop destroyed a drive that seemed destined for the end zone but instead ended with a tying field goal, the Patriotsí Devin McCourty, who earlier took a 104-yard return to the house, seemingly coughed up the game with a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. The Jets were set up at the Patsí 18 and the near-impossible at the start of the game looked extremely possible."

"Now whether you want to chalk up that series to offensive coordinator Tony Sparanoís conservative nature or Ryanís undying belief in his defense, the Jetsí coaching staff showed they werenít ready to win that game. A weak Tim Tebow draw and a run into the line set up a 3rd and 7. Sanchez then took a 10-yard sack, which cemented the horrifying truth: Tom Brady was going to get the ball back with 1:42 to play."