Last season the Brandon Marshall played in 16 games for the Miami Dolphins. He had 81 receptions for 1,214 yards, with a 15 yard average. He also caught 6 touchdowns for the Dolphins. Marshall had a great year, one of the best years from a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins in many years. He did so well that he made the Pro Bowl AND, he was selected the MVP for that Pro Bowl last season.

Why did the Dolphins let him go, for two THIRD round picks nonetheless?

Brandon Marshall was traded to the Bears where he has only played in SIX games and he already has almost as many touchdowns as he did last season and he is on pace to break all his Pro Bowl stats from last season. Marshall has 41 receptions, 577 Yards, 14.1 yard average, with 4 touchdowns, and this is all after just six games played.

I wonder what Tannehill's stats would look like if the Dolphins had a true #1 receiver.