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Thread: Two Situations that could lead to the Phins having two 1st rounders this year!

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    1. You don't lose a 1st round pick for using Stick'em illegally. Would be surprised if the lost pick is a significant one. Maybe late rounds.
    2. The Colts aren't going to have the worst record in football, IMO
    3. We'd only be moving up one spot because of the hypothetical lost pick from the Chargers, so not a big deal anyway
    4. Technically it will still be a 2nd round pick, just like Phil Merling was still a 2nd rounder despite our picking him at #32 overall.
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    Slightly on topic I suppose: don't forget that CLE used their 2nd rounder in the supplemental draft on Morgan, which moves our picks up a slot. Only significant if Indy falls depart I guess and we have a pick in the 30s.
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