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Are you really pro-life??? Against the death penalty and war too???
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The only way I can respect the pro-life thinking is if it's consistent and based on principle.
False dilemma fallacy, I can be pro-innocent life and still support capital punishment. Just look at yourself, I am sure you are against the death penalty and war but support abortion, so you are the one who is inconsistent, “it’s ok to kill innocent babies but God-forbid you kill Ted Bundy or Nazis!”

Embryos do not meet all the qualifications for life.

Actually they do, if you knew what the qualifications for life were you’d know that.

They require a life support system from the mother.

So? This is not one of the qualifications for life. Many animals require another animal in order to live, it’s a form of symbiosis. In fact, no animal could survive completely on its own so your argument is absurd. Given your logic, a person would cease to be alive simply because they were put on a respirator or a dialysis machine.

If an embryo could live outside the womb, then you might have a point.

See above.

WTF is a fully functioning genome? Do you mean fully functioning genes? If that's what you mean, then you're still wrong. Learn the definition of genotype and phenotype then try to tell me how many of an embryos genes are being expressed at 0-8 weeks.

You’re going to have to brush up on your terms or this is going to be a difficult conversation, a genome is simply a full set of chromosomes. The Embryo’s genome is just as complete as yours and mine, nothing is added to it later on in development. Given your logic that the genes have to actually be expressed in order for someone to be human then 10 year old children would not be human because they hadn’t reached sexual maturity yet. The embryo is a living human being, there’s no way around that fact.

You can go and look up the definition of genome and say that it was the proper use of the word til you're blue in the face, but I'll tell you that people in the field of genetics do not refer to the genome in this way, ever.

Are you for real? A genome is just the entirety of a person’s genetic code, and that’s exactly how I was using it.

“Life is specified by genomes. Every organism, including humans, has a genome that contains all of the biological information needed to build and maintain a living example of that organism. The biological information contained in a genome is encoded in its deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and is divided into discrete units called genes. Genes code for proteins that attach to the genome at the appropriate positions and switch on a series of reactions called gene expression.” - National Center for Biotechnology Information
Apparently those geneticists at the NCBI are not “real” geneticists since they used the word genome exactly how I did.

Let’s look at the six actual qualifications of life since it’s obvious you seem to be a bit foggy on what they are.
1. Consists of a cell or cells (Embryos do)
2. Reacts to stimuli (Embryos do)
3. Reproductive capacity (Embryos undergo cellular reproduction)
4. DNA (Embryos have a full human genome)
5. Uses energy (Embryos do)
6. Develops/Adapts (Embryos do)

He was referring to the number of brain cells, not who has most value. A few more brain cells wouldn't have hurt your post.

You see when you try to insult my intelligence but then muck up the facts in the same post you’re questioning my intelligence in it makes you look really silly. He clearly said that she has fewer brain cells than the embryos she values more than adults, which implies that Locke doesn’t think we should value embryos more or probably even as much as adults, so that was what I was questioning. Get educated, get informed.