From players, to coaches, to front office personnel, who is overrated or underrated this year?

I'm gonna start this with some forgotten men, who seldom get any credit from Phans.

Darren Rizzi, ST's coach- He has done a fabulous job the last two years.

Darren Krein, Strength & conditioning- He took some heat for last year but, has shown what he can do without a lockout.

Jim Turner, OL coach- Great job with what he has had to work with this year in zone blocking.

Zac Taylor, Assistant QB coach- Sherman get the credit but, he works with RT every day.

Chris Grier & Chris Shea, Director & Assistant of college scouting- The young talent we have was not picked out of a hat. They have done well, as we are now seeing with coaches to develop who they recommend.

For myself, I am eliminating Ireland from this thread, as he is only a part of what this is about. I DO NOT want to see him take this over in yet another lengthy debate, forgetting everyone else.