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I didn't really pay attention to sacks and penalties against the Rams, well except that one BS holding call that Steratore and that bummy ref crew called on Jake. I thought Jake was brilliant against the Rams, especially as the game moved on. The Rams clearly didn't fear the Fins passing game, stopped the running game and were barreling down on the OLine and Tannehill and Jake was winning all of his battles and several times when the DE would make a move, Jake would counter to ensure Tannehill didn't get touched. I put a focus on him during the game and I liked what I saw. I'm expecting him to have a great 2nd half of the season.
For the 6 games, I have to wonder if some of Long's problems are affected by Cog struggling to fit. We all know that the OL has to play together, and is somewhat joined at the hip. Any thoughts?