To my fellow finheaveners, are any of you guys going to be in the path of this storm. from reading and listening to the weather, all indications are the set up of this storm is like a 1 in 100 years occurrence.

i know we have many dolphin fans who live up and down the east coast, and this is the type of storm that has the potential to knock out power for days or weeks, lots of flooding, etc.

just curious how many of u guys r in the path. for me, living on long island, there is a good chance we r going to the the brunt of it, 70-90 mph sustained winds, 6-12 inches of rain, stuff that just does not happen normally especially up in the tri state area.

i just hope i dont lose power because i cant miss the dolphins. luckily it should hold off until late monday the brunt of it so the dolphin game should be fine.