For the past 32 YEARS the United States has had a Bush or Clinton in the White House!!

In 2008 people voted for "Change" and if you REALLY want Change, do NOT vote for Obama, period.

This country needs to rid the White House of both these families. It's time to see if other AMERICAN families can do a better job.

1980- 1988 : George H. Bush was the Vice President
1988 - 1992 : George H. Bush was the President
1992 - 2000 : Bill Clinton was President
2000 - 2008 : George W. Bush was President
2008 - 2012 : Hilary Clinton IS the Secretary of State

That is 32 YEARS of the same two families being in the White House!! If you vote for Obama how many MORE YEARS are we going to be dealing with Clinton's and Bush's?? I will tell you. IF Obama is elected we will get another FOUR years of Hilary Clinton. THEN, after serving 8 YEARS in the White House as Secretary of State, she WILL run President. If she wins that will be another 4 - 8 YEARS of having a Clinton or Bush in the White House. Let's not even bring up Jeb Bush. I am a Republican but even I say NOT to Jeb Bush. If this wasn't enough abuse of power by TWO families, most people who follow the news knows full well that Bill Clinton has his eye on becoming the President of the UN.

32 Years Obama vote could lead to 36 Years, and quite possible 40-44 Years in a row with a Clinton or Bush in the White House, with Bill Clinton running the UN.

If you care about YOUR country, and this world, you MUST stop the Clinton's and the Bush's from keeping the power that they have and are obsessed with.

VOTE FOR CHANGE.....................VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY !!!!!!!