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Thread: Walter football partial mock

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    Walter football partial mock

    http://walterfootball.com/draft2013.php as of 10/24/12

    rd pick# player position school
    1 21 Warmack OG Bama
    2 37 Amerson CB NC State
    2 51 D. Rogers WR TN Tech
    3 83 Gayle DE Va Tech
    3 90 N. Johnson LB Bama

    I know nothing of Gayle but Beamer's players are sound fundamentally. Rogers is another headcase WR. I don't think Philbin will go this direction after BM & CJ.

    Seattle did okay picking taking Carpenter (Bama OG) @ #25 in 2011.

    I really like the #37 & #90. Overall, Solid not flashy but fills needs.
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    I would be so pissed if we used any of our picks even our 7th on Amerson, the dude is the meaning of over-rated. He is terrible, gets swung around in coverage constantly, we'd do better by making Chris Clemons a corner than to draft Amerson.

    I'd be really pissed with this draft...with all the premier pass rush and cover talent in this draft, and add in a few MLB possibly available in the 1st that could be studs....I'd be pissed. If we go offense we HAVE to go WR, TE and depending on what we do with Big Jake maybe address LT.....but even then there's just too dam special defensive talent to let pass by for a guard and/or Amerson and the other average players up there, imo.

    We have some ammunition to get special players, please dont flub this draft Dolphins!
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    You don't take a Guard with your first pick....not this year,,,,,not any year....Guards are filler that you add to your club in later rounds...we need a WR, or two, a pass rusher, d-backs.....I wouldn't draft a OG until our 2nd pick of the 3rd round or later.
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