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dude get real.

first of all, this storm is going to be the equivalent t of a strong cat 1 or possibly 2 storm, something we never see in ny. secondly, u guys make it seem u always get hurricanes, when was the last time u guys truly got a ''direct hit''? i believe it was 92 with ANDREW, im talking direct hit.

and also, calling new yorkers huge bitches is funny considering ive been to miami when its been 55-60 degrees and people act like the ice age is hitting

either way, this storm is real serious, its hitting the most populus part of the nation, and we are not accustomed to this, it would be like a blizzard hitting miami, u guys would have no clue what to do.( although i know that is basically impossible)

i dont give a **** about ppl bashing junc, its all fun and games, but its stupid to make it seem like this serious situation is a joking matter.
Andrew was a Category 5, dingbat. That means sustained winds over 157 mph. Category 1 or 2 storms hit South Florida nearly every year, often more than one per year. In 2004 Florida was hit by three or four storms far more powerful than the one heading at you right now. Sandy already went by us and dumped a bunch of water and was gusting up to 60 or 70 mph, and we were hit by a storm earlier this year than dropped a whole lake full of rain. We're up 20 inches over our yearly average. So don't tell me my business regarding hurricanes, son. You're way out of your depth.

"We're not accustomed to this" is the only part of your post that I agree with, and is exactly the point. If this thing turns out to be a Katrina like disaster, then I'll be the first one donating goods, money and whatever else New Yorkers need. I love New York City and hate to see anything bad happen to it. But until this thing turns to **** just bear down and take it like a man.