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It's somewhat amusing, but remember guys.. What goes around, comes around.
We have enough in the good karma jar, and I'm not worried about karma coming back to bite US. The freakin Jets do nothing but talk. That's been the thing they do the best since Rex Ryan took the healm. But you can only do that for so long -- teams were intimidated by the Jets defense, and they were dialing up great blitzes and wreaking havoc. Sanchez was basically asked not to lose, and he made a few plays that led to AFC Championship games.

But the Jets are a team on the decline instead of the opposite, to say the least. They have to stick with Sanchez next year, and no doubt will have Tebow behind him. Maybe some of their WRs step up, but they are still going to have a QB who barely scrapes above 50% completion percentage. Rex will be on the hot seat, if he isn't gone after this year.

The Jets have been "going to the Super Bowl" for the last 4 seasons. It's one thing to think and believe, but when you tell the world and your players and things go south, everything you say becomes BS after 3.5 - 4 years.

It's fun to watch after today.