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Thread: Gotta love theganggreen ****show!

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    The truth is out there.

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    That thread is just amazing. The gift that keeps giving.
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    I was too. Some of it was downright comedy gold.
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    Jets Fan Base is a joke.
    I don't care if this isn't a popular thread but I think a lot of the people on here that seem to think dropping Rex and half the roster are a joke.

    The season isn't close to being over yet and people are already calling for Rex's head. Even though the guy has gave this team an identity, has yet to be under .500 with this team and has brought a championship defense to this team.

    He is a good football coach who has had a ton of misfortune this season with injuries and a lack of talent at key positions. The online has been crap the past two years, the defense has been slow, no depth at a lot of positions. It's a cluster ****.

    Yes Rex has made mistakes but the guy is the best thing weve had in a very long time. This fan base is so dramatic and impatient, every team has bad seasons how about we allow Rex one at least before driving his ass out of town. Its a joke with some of the posts I've seen from you guys, try stop being so emotional and use your head a little.

    This team has a lot of problems and Rex is doing his best to work around all of these issues. Sanchez, oline, rb, defense, special teams every phase of the game for this team has been an issue. It's not one guy, it's a lack of talent and depth.

    How about we support our team through thick and thin? It's just like a marriage so da speak. How hard can it possibly be for some of you? Honestly?
    Joke team deserves joke fanbase. Or is it the other way around?
    These "leave Britney alone" posts are stupid. Right of wrong OP can go **** himself and his trolling.

    Whiny bitch. You make me sicker than the whiny fans you bitch about.

    Get out of my gene pool.
    So this team hasn't won **** in 40+ years but the fans are the joke?

    This team is lucky we haven't stormed the locker room and **** in their helmets.

    Terrorist attack count against the Anything Goes Thread: 4
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